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Copper Brush


Colour Code: 8554
SKU 984648
Copper Brush is a soft, warm copper in a brushed finish. Metallic finish laminates are real metal surface laminates designed for special effects on vertical surfaces.
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Order sample

Don't forget finishes and colours can look drastically different when used in different settings. To be sure,view a sample in person with the intended lighting

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  • Coastal

  • Industrial

  • Vintage

  • Noir

  • Modern & Co

  • Hamptons

  • Glamour

  • Inner Urban

  • Mineral

  • Natural


  • Office Furniture

  • Residential Furniture


  • Dimensional Stability

  • Easy to Clean

  • Low Maintenance

  • Non Postformable

  • Stain Resistant

  • UV Stable Indoor Use

  • Water Repellent

  • Group 1 fire rating

  • 7 Year Limited Warranty